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Expectation of SMLA Coaches

The Sarnia Lacrosse Association is committed to the delivery of quality lacrosse instruction to our registered athletes. One of the vital parts of meeting this goal is the way our coaches behave.

It is expected that all coaches behave in a caring, professional manner in all coaching duties and interactions with all association members. Some of the key elements to be considered when performing these duties as coaches are:

Model Appropriate Behavior – The way you act in practice and on the bench will directly impact the attitudes of your athletes towards the game of lacrosse. Your duty as coach is to teach them the necessary skills to play lacrosse, to play fair, to be respectful of their competition and the officials, to always try their best and to have fun playing the game. The way you as the coach conducts yourself during the game on the bench towards the game officials, directly affects your team and their attitudes towards the officials and the game. When players have no respect for the officials they tend to play the game with little or no regard for the rules, which can creates a potentially dangerous situation for all of the athletes in the game. Remember Lacrosse is a game that should be fun and teach physical skills, discipline, and social skills. You are their leader conduct yourself as such!

Concentrate on teaching the game of “Lacrosse” – The attitude of the Sarnia Minor Lacrosse is that we are teaching the greatest game on two feet and it deserves to be taught properly.  We have a lot of lacrosse minds in our association and we advise that if you have any questions about the game, skills or drills that can help your team DON’T hesitate to ask!  There are certain skills that should be taught at each age level, to be able to move on to the next level and be successful, you as the their coach are responsible to make sure they are taught and understand these skills. (consult Rep Director and/or President for these requirements)

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