Mission & Vision (Sarnia Lacrosse)

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                                                                                         Mission Statement

The foundation of the SMLA is volunteers.  Individuals volunteer their time because of a love for the game, a desire to promote the game of lacrosse, and an opportunity to share in making the SMLA a success so that future generations may enjoy the game of lacrosse.

These Policies and Procedures have been established to ensure that participants have a positive experience in lacrosse, that the growth of lacrosse is promoted through this positive experience, and that the integrity of the SMLA is reinforced for the continued enjoyment and benefit of lacrosse by future generations in the Sarnia/Lambton County Area.

The SMLA realizes that one of its primary responsibilities is to ensure that the recreational and player development aspects of the program do not suffer as a result of a preoccupation with competitiveness and winning “at all costs”.  Qualities such as attitude, commitment, discipline and work ethic are equally as important as skill level and all of these qualities must be evaluated when considering a player’s profile.  A team comprised of less skilled players but with positive attitude, commitment, discipline and work ethic, is much preferred over a skilled team that is weak in attitude, commitment, discipline and work ethic.  Teams in need of the latter qualities take up valuable coaching time that could otherwise be spent on player and skill development.